Guest Room (LP)

by Cas Metah



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released April 21, 2009

Mixed and Mastered by Change

Layout and Design Michael Mannaseh
Photo by Jae Choi



all rights reserved


Cas Metah Columbus, Ohio

- Emcee and Co-Founder of Scribbling Idiots

- Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: I Strain ft. CunninLynguists & JustMe
"I Strain" ft. CunninLynguists & JustMe
Verse 1a: Deacon The Villain
I need to leave who brings these sweet new things
Sliding through the under currents of my deep blue sea
Thunder warrants these shoe strings to be pulled tighter
Move away from the fire in these new school lighters
Burning me from the inside out, sin slide south
You won't believe the fire damage that's inside my house
I need to see, I can't breathe amongst the combustion
watching smoke from lost hope rise in the sky I'm loved in
Verse 1b: Cas Metah
Wondering what's been done will get kissed bye-bye
I was born proud, hovering under a storm cloud
High times had my mind dripping like tie-dye, living on that fine line tripping
Wishing to find Christ besides on Christmas, dying for a wonderful life
That's why I strain for a lovable wife
Someone to humbly protect from the rumble when lightening strikes
Hook 2x: JustMe
I strain beneath the weight of this burden
My pain releases hate, stress and murder
I gain from lifting, shifting and trudging
Against the grain, can you feel the (**grunting and groaning**)
Verse 2a: JustMe
Excuse the grimace when pushed to my limits
I must move the tenants of my mind to diminish
Revenge I pretend to not plot
But recently resentful thoughts got caught
In me and even though I'm free from the shackles of sin
Running back to that is hard to tackle
For a weak and crying, cheating, lying, no-good dirty, rotten scoundrel
It's a lot to handle
Verse 2b: Cas Metah
Scrambling to scrounge up an ounce of endurance to further my place in this race
Searching for courage to face to the grace giver
Head held high, when self would rather chase women playing the grave digger
Pain paints pictures the blind said felt fine
But you can't witness demise if you only touch
The surface of the canvas, your hand must clutch the brush
If you really want to understand what's what
Hook 2x:
Bridge a:
**Scratching "The king down on my knees"
Verse 3a: Natti
Tsunami's sweeping upon me with venomous ways
Cream lust rush my blood stream to get it with Yay
Spending days making project tenement slaves
From rocks on pipes to the personalized rocks on they graves
All for the love of sinning with loose women
Beginning with Goose blended with juice to reduce pimping
Hell or high water, if it's both it's bubbling
I brace my hands in the sand while my castle's crumbling
Verse 3b: Cas Metah
I face the stand in a stance anticipating judgment
'Cause them last days is coming
And I'm 1-0-0 percent sure the past and present are pretty ugly
Convicted of bloody assassination
Ain't nothing funny to play with like untamed alligators
Almost all out of ways to say it
The topics been rotated like turntables
Tidal waves taking me under the current
behind the stage curtain where that pain lurking
Hook 2x:
Bridge b:
** Scratching "He realizing the wrong of his ways"
Track Name: Front Runner ft. Ahred, Sintax.the.terrific, Griffin, Sev Statik, Ajax Starglider, JustMe & Sojourn
"Front Runner" feat. Ahred, Sintax, Griffin, Sev Statik, Ajax, JustMe & Sojourn
Verse 1a: Cas Metah
Spitting real live fish stories bigger than you thought
Living up to the talk, give it all you got, if you hot
Then I'm freon infinity, riddling finicky emcees fiddling with gimmicks and mimicking MTV
It's pitifully obscene, even off screen and off stage
Y'all play yourself in all ways
And always claiming to be doing Yahweh's will
But tell me who you going to reach if y'all ain't skilled
Verse 1b: Ahred
I'm the illest cat on the planet with a flag and can't plant it
Stakes is high when climbing the sky rhyming and I'm an addict
To vocab and concept renegade head hunts and bomb threats
The on-set of everything dope you've ever imagined
And you're stranded beneath this freak of natures peak
Where I've managed to land prose, b-boy pose to the beat
Leaving no stone unturned or enemy flag unburned
Everything you ever thought you knew has been unlearned
Hook: Cas Metah
So you want to be a front runner?
Huh, trust me buddy, stay in your place and stay out of trouble
You don't want it with them Rats from the Tunnel
Deepspace5, Future Shock and S.I. the best crews
And we let loose on young’un's
So trust me sonny, stay in your place and stay out of trouble
Learn your calling and follow it on the humble
Learn your calling and follow it on the humble
Verse 2a: Sintax
Most of y'all choking on a plate of false diction
Pretend pulp fiction, faking a Walt Whitman
Same weak stick men wherever I roam
Kids sweating these clones like a pair of foam headphones
You want to be first, you got to be last
All the Babylon kings of this earth will get gassed
Get passed by the poor in spirit, they feet fast
All these false prophets on blast
Verse 2b: Griffin
So you want to be a front runner, huh?
Be a vicious contender
My name is Griff, let me aid you in your business venture
Any rumor you heard about it is nonsense
Inquiring a title is a strenuous process
Some think they tight and shorten they vocal lifespan
Convinced they got it locked after re- of a writing
But I don't feel the talk, that's why I answer it
Respond with truth to these verbally challenged kids
Verse 3a: Sev Statik
Well it's the same old story I'm dumping on dudes
Pushing up weight, pausing on fools
The more you keep talking the more you lose
Trying to save time without spending your last few
Moments on ego, don't pick up the mic
You should have left it alone 'cause you ain't doing it right
From ministry to hip-hop you get us all laughed at
You want to be a poser then pick up a back pack
Verse 3b: Ajax
Do you need a kid fence?
Making no sense, absent minded pen use
Confused little boy wets his bed
With urinated flows of bad white noise
I thought you were potty trained but you got a toddler brain
A rotten tomato, eating play dough
Regurgitating raps 'cause you ate too fast
Just put down your pen and get back to your crayons
Verse 4a: JustMe
It ain't easy to follow the model at full throttle
While you cuddle with a bottle we battle mono-a-mono
Hotter than a sauna with the first and final
Press verse to vinyl, we blessed, cursed and titled
You don't really want it with the often taunted
Then again if you got it go ahead and flaunt it
Know that it's a haunted life to be sonic
Like we said a slow burn, Sojourn speak up on it
Verse 4b: Sojourn
We're enthused to bend rules and send crews
Into rap broke revisions and out of they bad luck decisions
To challenge the mission of the risen revolutionary disciples on cypher
Sessions or recording or performing lessons on
Streets on mic control, Christ control life patrol
Of one self on and off the beat, get it?
We said it and let it live for us and everyone else in ear shot hear it
Hear shock in audible form, you've been warned
Track Name: Told You So ft. Theory Hazit, JustMe & Masta Ace
"Told You So" ft. Scribbling Idiots & Masta Ace
Verse 1: Theory Hazit
First of all ain't no punk in my DNA, my heart beat is lined up with the kick, snare and hi-hat
I don't sample, I high jack the flyest jams of the 70's
I carry the parachute regularly just in case I need to Wesley Snipes my father fire weaponry
You better be checking the pedigree, my S.I. infantry moves above the law like God told us to rock the epiphany
Get it crunk like Lil' Jon and them, wack rappers I'm bombing them
Saying the same thing and ain't even rhyming in homonyms
This ain't Live At 106 And Park, if you ain't spitting darts, you need to get lost, y'all fruit baskets is ruining hip-hop
True, ain't even ripping hard, we, we keep it ghetto like drinking Kool-Aid out of the pickle jar,
It's bizarre like the far ride to the Pharcyde
Got it locked like Apartheid, T-H-E-O-R-Y Hazit is something miraculous so better your flow
And yo I speak for everybody when I'm letting you know
Hook: JustMe
(You can say I told you so)
We been sitting on chrome
And spitting off dome
While you sitting at home
We been flipping these poems so you can
(You can say I told you so)
It's been a long, hot summer
But you ought not wonder
If we got that hunger because we told you so
Verse 2: Masta Ace
When I spew venom rappers bleed like blue denim
I fool with them, flows crisper than new linen
Y'all better respect the name Ace
I got on my game face, and we can't exist in the same place
So somebody gots to go
And you can't watch the flow it's impossible
And though I'm old in age I control the stage
so stay in line or skate like rollerblades
And if y'all chose to rap I'm opposed to that
Somebody left the door open, I'm a close it back
Slam it in your face, burn the welcome mat
He need to get out the game, I'm a help him pack
He need to find a new profession
My crews aggression will turn your lies to a true confession
We spitting on all y'all dudes
It's Ace and Cas, you can't say we ain't warn y'all dudes, come on
Verse 3: Cas Metah
Yo we pound heroes into ground-zero rubble
Kamikaze’s causing your towers to tumble
That's power summoned from the dome of terror
Look at the golden-era of 1-9-9-5 with hindsight focus
I had just began spitting flows when Sittin' On Chrome hit like Yogi Berra
Highly inspired by "The I.N.C. Ride" to leak pints onto blue loose leafs even before the ink dries
On the bottom of the page, now I'm rocking on this stage
Already waiting for haters to fall in line like locks twisted in braids
Got them mad at Cas for collaborating with the greatest of all time
Not wasting the call to rhyme I'm going after mine like echoes
Trying to rise like the price of petro
Bro this ain't a game of go fish, you can't match Ace
Metah said so with no catch phrase
To be com-pressed, like Rasheed's wax plates
I'm willing to bet this track will have you grabbing a back brace
Taking us to claims court to compensate loss
You better tape a masked face on like M.F. DOOM before your last day dawns
I'm not trying to be rude but most dudes I used to bump growing up new stuff sucks
Trust me it sucks to say it, I hate playing the hater
But I will not be a liar, retire or get your weight up
We letting you know, from N.Y. to Ohio
It's S.I. the return of flow, about to blow up
Track Name: Real ft. Mouth Warren & Holmskillit
"Real" ft. Mouth Warren & Holmskillit
Hook: Cas Metah
As we stand here you know it's so (real)
Before people used to keep it so (real)
Can't forget them times
Can't forget them chimes in the wind
Where you wanted it to be (real)
As we stand here you know it's so (real)
Before people used to keep it so (real)
Can't forget them times
Can't forget them chimes in the wind
You just wanted it to be (real)
Verse 1: Cas Metah
You were mister go-getter
One of the first to pick up the pen and scribble a hick-up
Your description abilities convinced a smidgen of these
Self-proclaimed real deal listeners to dig your verses
And that's a purpose you felt was worth it
So you helped and turned it from hell eternal
But not before having smoke blown in your eyes
Alone in the fire, up late night like Conan O'Brien
Moaning and crying "why is life so real in the field?"
The soul murderer's lurking in search of the healed
Aiming ammunition sealed to steal ambition
You were going to get your shield when it hit you
And got peeled by the past tense witches
With their brew and stews and brooms
Distracted by reality you actually lose mathematically too
But cracking and bruised you back to the booth
As if you never left, acting a fool, that's real
Verse 2: Mouth Warren
Real like the code I chose to live by
Never lose the focus on hopeless unknowner’s that's trying to poke at this eagle eye
Isn't always the truth at times
If it wasn't for my heart I would have lost my soul and my mind
And as I stand here know that it's Z-O-E, Zoe
But I didn't want it like that for reasons that may seem slow
Although I am a son of man I must admit
There's nothing granted to be taken advantage of except
That which has always been around close by
Hi I overstand that I am a natural goldmine so whatever happened to them old times
And picking up chess pieces didn’t seem that contentious
Now you're unable to tell the angle ones coming from the games deceptive
in a manger restless, unable to change the checklist
Because your arms ain't fully developed yet to perform a death wish
But I didn't want it like that those, tic tac toe
Back to basic fundamentals, rhymes equal actual life in me
Verse 3: Holmskillit
Feel the music through the breeze guiding you to where you need to be
Started out genuine then found a foreign frequency
As if the prodigal son, squandering your gifts with strangers and danger
Who live by lies and myths, superstition, zodiac, big-bang theories
Disconnected from your roots disrespecting the truth
Until it all fell down, no bail held down
By the ones you started out with learning what life’s about kid
You go for what you know and if you don't know you stay
'Cause bad association spoils youthful habits everyday
They show up, when you grow up, you know better
Through cold weather hold the family together
To stay warm stray from the fake away from harm
Awakened by the facts, consequences and a swarm
Of love to help you get through it, back to the music
The home is where the heart is, and you know that the art is
God given not man made so start living
Obey in Him and not men 'cause that's prison
When you get free, stick with the program
Reach your spiritual goals and fall back for no man
Everyday's a new chapter, new lessons to capture
New weapons get set for the rapture
S.I., Holmskillit, 4th Disciple
Tote the Bible like a rifle leaving lies stifled, real
Track Name: I Will Go ft. LMNO & Manchild
"I Will Go" feat. LMNO & Manchild
Verse 1: LMNO
Where I stand I'm supposed to be
And I affect those who are close to me
Living vocally, global, not only locally
An honest struggle, serving God wholly
Been in the lion's den, with a pen
Fending off all these wicked men, it's a God send
Blend with the crowd, stick out exemplary
Switch gears and live out this destiny
I will go, I will go, I will go, I will go
Will I go, Will I go, Will I go, Will I go?
Promote peace and love from God above
Salvation doesn't have denomination plus
He doesn't force feed so why would we
Be over zealous with the truth which comes free
With a fee, stricken, yes He's risen
I doubt Christ would have called himself a Christian
Missing the spirit by attaching a body
Can't come to the phone now, I'm answering my calling
Scratching "Go"
Verse 2: Cas Metah
Brought to life from the cemetery
God give me air to breathe, grant me heir to the king
And armor to guard harm from the adversary
Too scared to believe it's your will for little me to team with visionaries and see
Past the trap of my little city's green scenery until I'm fifty and them some
Sent to get in the mix and win some
This is a mission I won't be quitting
So you're killing minutes if you're bent on switching this decision
Which is slowing down tempo of mental now
And simply spending more weekends chilling with more children than emcees
Equipping wisdom with discipline versus drifting and feeling empty so listen
I've been delivered from prison more than any criminal still in it 'cause his grace is sufficient
So no sense in getting argumentative with the enemy solo when he attempt to crawl under my skin
I pray and pay a brother or sister a visit so those
Deceiving, thieving demons treating me as a wimp leave in the wind
So cold, yo, so hold on
If you in a similar position then it won't be long, so go
Verse 3: manCHILD
(Go) know what I know, get low when I walk to the door
Fill it up with a spark and a glow
Set it off when I'm rocking a show
Bring them in 'cause I'm willing to win
Hit them once with the truth then I hit them again
Village idiot killing it, spit in the wind
Too militant to minister, the villain is in (go)
Run it on back, rip through but I cut no slack
What a wonderful way down
Small town break into a city on tap but you didn't know that
Will I go? Well I don't see yet
Get, ready, set see these bets
We following hollering on a get down train line headed for a sign marked "no regrets"
(Go) but we can't see it the same way
I'll practice preparation while they preaching that it's game day
Stomping where I'm walking while they tip-toeing to play safe
Faith alone banner waving, saving up the days grace (no)
Can't go there, somebody got to set things clears
Dig deeper to the reason I write this and dig a little deeper to the reason that He sent me here
Manchild on a mission, the ignition to turn
Start in the heart then they're feeling the burn
Get out the way or we're skipping your turn
Get what you earn, you're beginning to learn
(Go) but I'm pitiful and limited
I'm finished, strip the system of the gimmicks that we're stricken with
Consider this a flare gun, warning shot, storm siren
Sounding off to let you know we coming with the raw silence
Track Name: Die Tryin' ft. Chapter 13
"Die Tryin'" ft. Chapter 13
Verse 1: Cas Metah
Welcome to the underground
Where it's like swimming up stream that's why some are going to drown
Just trust He and study the hustling functions of the industry if you want to abound
You better be in the streets of more than a couple towns
And tour a dozen places before your buzz is wasted
'Cause patience plus dedication, that's what it takes to make it
The combination isn't complicated or beyond your comprehension
It's really simple if you listen
You were given a gift for written speech that speaks to anyone within reach willing to pay attention
Consider this the motivation to stand and be seen
You know the tree roots now it's time to meet the branches and leaves
The season for vanity has past, why fight it?
Stop staring in this mirror, go blow or die trying
Hook 2x: Zero Basement
I'm a die trying, whether I make it or not
I'm a die trying, never thinking to stop
I'm a die trying, making this music because
If I die trying then I died doing what I love
Verse 2: Zero Basement
I know with certainty that I can over come adversity
'Cause hip-hop's opened up the world for me
It's probably only just a word for each of you
But for me it's truth past on, we produce rap songs to teach the youth the culture
Which roots are so pure, there's no words to truly describe it's own worth
And I'm so sure this is what I want to do with my life
There's nothing that's going to ruin my rhyme
So in due time I'll prove I'm one of the few trying to take it to new heights
I paid my dues twice
So I'll never lose sight, keep it in perspective
'Cause it needs to be respected to ever be used right
I'd rather be true to myself then become rich with some gimmick so my music will sell
And end up getting disillusioned by wealth
For even just one minute I could lose myself and I refuse to ever give up
Hook 2x:
Verse 3: Kory Calico
I make this music as a legacy to leave to the future
In a age of plastic rappers, ex-users leech off consumers
Look in my eyes, I done been to the gutter and back
So I push product like I'm tall, teeing it up in the trap
I just hope that the brothers react
At least part of the time, they hearts and their minds are caught in a rhyme
I found rap fuels a flame that makes my memory spark
The soundtrack that plays out the crescendo in my heart
Have you ever loved something so much you'd die for it (me neither)
Until I matched that first track with the right chorus
Now I choose my words carefully, watch for the vultures
It's more than a melody you can get lost in the culture
I'm from the blocks where niggas bust shots like every night
And black boys grow up worshipping Pac and Eric Wright
So now we write in code for all the time we owed
And die trying with this life we chose
Hook 2x:
Track Name: Rhyme Life ft. Ruffian & Listener
"Rhyme Life" feat. Ruffian & Listener
Hook: Listener
It's tough to find time when you never stop to listen
It's hard to write rhymes when you can't see your vision
You need proof, just lose your eye sight
You need truth, put your ear to my rhyme life
It's tough to find time when you never stop to listen
It's hard to write rhymes when you can't see your vision
You need real, then pull this line tight
You can't feel, just hold my rhyme life
Verse 1: Ruffian
Barriers and cages, chains and shackles
Aim for the axle and shut down this area that hate us
I been accused and enslaved on slave ships for what they made it
Trapped in a tomb, with low self-esteem and couldn't move
Someone help me please I'm coming through
Blind-folded and hand-cuffed
Until I stuck my chest out and manned up
Script the script and format the format
I lift my lips and put my voice where the Lord at
And demand love so they can hate me
God's been writing ever song that I'm making lately
So go ahead and get your bread and lose your talent
You're over-said and under-wrote, what you do ain’t balanced
And I'm equivalent on both sides when I'm giving it my whole nine
Your soul lies and mine it stands up
A soldier for the Lord, my pen is the boulder to the board
Catapult my thoughts to the sky and when I land bruh
You feel like you was caught in a lie, more like salt in the eye
You got to lose your sight to realize (to realize what?)
What's real and what's real lies
Verse 2: Cas Metah
Gather around the black line horizon scattered about
Stare at my bare, blank background
Soon to be consumed with the matter that looms within cocoons
Until the butters fly, flutter high above the sky in deep space
Then deflate to deep sea dive and flood your mind
With flats and sharps as I attack the sharks
Attempting to nibble at the rhythm
Scripted with intricate precision in arpeggio patterns as if I should be flattered
But actually I'm feeling rather flattened
Tattered, tainted by the quaint queries hearing your leery theories
Layered with blanketed statements
Face invaded with teary optics, how eerily ironic
'Cause I thought that I could steer clear of problems like this
But somehow I got them and now my house is haunted
By clouds of blurred perception
Ready to form precipitation any second
But since I'm not the one to reflect upon negative
Let me reiterate to say thanks for helping wash the sleep out of my eyes
You're so graciously kind
I apologize for not finding more time to be blind
So I'll stroke the chords and write more songs in the key of rhyme life
Verse 3: Listener
Now I have no qualms with the folks that test themselves
As if they get enjoyment from knowing when they should stop and check their health
I live music, I am the rhyme
I have a beat that is my life, my heart pumps breaks throughout the night
The rhyme in my lung fills voids with every verse
And the snare in my spine cracks every time it's like a curse
My health is fragmented, spacey for all to sample
Dismantle heads and hang them high above my mantle
Rap songs to me is like listening to candles
All bright and flickering to the wind providing only temporary light
And in the end it never handles the currents
And gets snuffed out by it's own melted foundation
I've done too many raps, my own brain disowns half of them
And the few that I dig scream when I say I'm their father
Even though they know I'm the only one rapping them
Is it because I'm saying the things that everyone wishes they could but don't
Because they try so hard to write a hit that so far hasn't hit
And to me that's a limit and I'm sorry you chosen to lock yourself up like that
**Scratching "'Cause I was born with a talent to rhyme"
Track Name: Find Time ft. BC & Playdough
"Find Time" feat. BC & Playdough
Hook: BC
I'm trying to find time to relax
I'm trying to find time to retract the feedback
Trying to find time just to ease back
So please BC rap 'cause I keep trying to find where my times at
Verse 1a: Sean P
I got to go, I'm racing the clock
I'm holding a stop watch, plaid shorts and tube socks
The crews flock when they heard the groove rock
But they call my bluff I had to get up, get up, get up and do something
Choking on the smoke
The raps they spoke, I had to show them my quote
You'd think I'm Edgar Allen Poe when I spit what I wrote
Never no more will a sucker score, never no more
Verse 1b: Eric
Clock out, no clout, too many dues that I'm paying
Making me write all night as I'm stepping to the A.M.
Righteousness is through Christ as we bringing our A game
No plain Jane, given phony rappers a migraine
We stepping up the level something fresh with the same name
We pushing back wackness like they pushing back ProPain
So refrain from wasting time I'm chasing this rhyme scheme
And missing opportunities as fast as my life seems
Hook: BC
I'm trying to find time to relax
I'm trying to find time to retract the feedback
Trying to find time just to ease back
So please Cas Metah rap 'cause I keep trying to find where my times at
'Cause we trying to find time, we trying to find time yo, just to ease back
Cas we trying to find time, yo, you trying to find time, Cas Metah show them how to rap like
Verse 2: Cas Metah
This and that, that and this
distracting my wish to grab at my pad and my pen yo
And that's fine when it's Christ
'Cause Christ is life and minus him I don't even exist bro
Where the problem lies is
Business empty of purpose and service, that's when it gets dizzying
Ah fiddle sticks I'm slipping again
Someone slip me some Riddalin, no I'm kidding kid
I don't get into pills I keep it biblical
It keeps me living full plus it's more medicinal
Listen fool the Idiots rule
We spit it cooler and smoother than we did when in school
That's because we found time to do what we were born dying to do
It's true I don't have time to lie to you
But now I got to dead line because the sixteenth bar is arriving soon
My rhyme is through yo
Hook: BC
I'm trying to find time to relax
I'm trying to find time to retract the feedback
Trying to find time just to ease back
So please Playdough rap 'cause I keep trying to find where my times at
Verse 3: Playdough
Yo you want to find time man I'm hunting it too
You find a second to wreck it then buddy give me a clue
I got a lot of little chores, world touring to do
The second hand keep on slipping and it's ticking at two
It say twenty-two and ooh I'm in need of a shower
Could I please get an hour just to re-power up my soul
'Cause I know I was younger and time was moving slow
Now I'm heating up the hunger and taking it to go
Breaking up the flow
Here come an Idiot that can spit saying he's my little Christian brother bro
And I know I ain't really got the time to flow
I'm busy shining my glow just trying to blow
Cas Metah stop trying my cell
It's vibrating everyday and I been trying to tell
These little boy blues hard dues made me a hustler
Man I ain't got the time for you youngsters but I'm trying
Track Name: 2nd Second ft. EDM & Deuce Complex
"2nd Second" feat. Mouth Warren, Deuce Complex & Griffin
Verse 1: Mouth Warren
It was a grim blackness that hovered over his attacker
As he screamed out with extreme doubt "how could this happen to me?"
Caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time type of thing
Although you know, Christ was inside of him
He got a little too proud like he never could be touched
By the wrath of his very own tongue when he spoke too much
About one thing, the same thing over and over again
The kid clearly had issues his attacker must have known this
And took that into consideration
As each one of them walked on eggshells in the silence of that cold winter night
Behold the deed was done
A snow angel is no angel without a halo sprayed on, no angles
Knocked out cold to the snow, slightly inebriated
Half-conscious, all he could see was stars
The attacker kept his act together until Jesus came back
And from then on stopped going to whiskey bars loaded
Hook: Cas Metah
Walking with us you better watch where you step
Talking with us you better watch who you test
You don't get a second second to make a first impression
So you better come correct (you better come correct)
Walking with us you better watch where you step
Talking with us you better watch who you test
You don't get a second second to say you're sorry
Before this mighty mid-west army push you off the ledge
Verse 2: Cas Metah
These two-sided joker dudes think I can't see the phone booth
And I can't stand a man that can't stand on his own two
So I devised a plan to bury fools if necessary rules ain't followed through with
I know you're loving the new ish this crew dish, ill as Jason Williams is with assists
But the crown only goes to princes and apprentices
The list is in and you didn't get picked to represent this thick royal bloodline
We split boys with one rhyme and run time off their toy stop watches
Destroying their ninja armor, when our darts hit your hearts it's revenge and karma
We leave you sitting in your piss and vomit
Yeah it gets retarded, the harder you think you are we just rip you harder
That's the start to your finish
So make sure them stars in your memory bronzed and polished
The game don't tolerate tarnish
Verse 3a: Deuce Complex
Splash head first now the concrete feet
Low pro, seldom seen so this is how we meet
No second second for no second guessing
This is the lesson and directions for the next contestant
Crack the whip, you were asked to spit accurate
And now you mumbling, fumbling like it's some new comers you coming against
Did you come here to dance or did you come here to sit?
Kid 'cause in the O-H we the number one pick
Each and everything you doing we done done it
Hundred times over, gun click mind over
One flick of the lighter over flammable soaked parameter
Amateur’s float like smoke in the wind
Verse 3b: Griffin
It's over we win, told you we leave you're chin swole
Tester or resolve get sent home without your Timbo's
And best believe when you head out you're going to get told
"Pass the message to your kinfolk"
Quick go get your click 'fore Griff
Burn a O until you're hip no fit
I'll change your mind on how a sick flow spit
Yeah, a rat king I'm that mean I split your wig
Raised by Dax, might as well forget the old tricks
One of the mightiest reps on the track
Coming out the tiniest speck on the map
Asking where the real competitors at
Matter of fact save your breath 'cause your words will play you
And pride could steer your own tongue to betray you
Track Name: Laying The Foundation ft. Lightheaded
"Laying The Foundation" feat. Lightheaded
Verse 1a: Cas Metah
I'm lightheaded to infinity
Built to be an entity sent to intercede in between scenes
Pleading these seeds can see the need to receive Jesus
And be free from iniquities penalty
Verse 1b: Braille
Yo, Cas Metah passed me the mic so I run with it
I shine light 'cause the Son's in it we done did it now
Unlimited grace offered, we going get it
Got to flip this style in a way that reflects how we living now
Listen close to this
Verse 1c: Othello
Ambition and mixing with the decision to lift your fist up
Intending to split the system risking being a statistic sure
But I insist the risk is worth giving a vision birth
Consistence serves a purpose in setting a pace so we can work
Verse 1d: Ohmega Watts
Twenty four-seven add rest the minds racing in dreams
reflect thoughts on the brain that stay in heavy rotation
I want a generation to rise free to be ones self
The choice is yours to decide and I'm here to provide the help but I
Hook: Othello
Gots to get it, I gots gots to get it
Constant contact with the cause
Trying times show vital signs
Fight until the final rhyme, fly out of sight not out our minds
Flight now personified in staying grounded
Stand against the winds and the heat pounding
For real, build for the master, corner stone captured
In laying the foundation for those who follow after
Verse 2a: Braille
I stand center-stage sound waves penetrate minds and perpetuate
Motion of the mental state status I elevate
You can't exaggerate the love of God 'cause it's infinite
Gifted to give it when we collaborate
Verse 2b: Ohmega Watts
It's like magic by illusionists but with fruit that uplifts a solar connect
With mans life source to intercept ill communication that's televised
I won't rest until eyes are lifted to see we been gifted for a time as this
Verse 2c: Cas Metah
We align side by side as like minds
Combining to bind any enemy attempting to empty these emcees hollow
But we stay following our calling
You decoys not popping like a b-boy
Verse 2d: Othello
And it goes like even in cold nights of snow white quarters closed tight
Low heights under froze pipes
No light Holy Ghost writes that your soul might recite right
Ignite strike to glow bright
Verse 3a: Othello
(Yo what time is it?)
Ha, you know what time it is
Climbing in my assignment to enlighten the minds that's been
Trying to find a diamond in the rough as the times you're in
You know the type of gem where you can see life inside of it
Verse 3b: Cas Metah
Word, hiding in a pile of grimy dirt hurting to unearth
Inserted into the surface for the purpose of service
The verdict is in, get your vertebrae straight and back up
You can't front on verses that blend
Verse 3c: Ohmega Watts
With chemistry to provide remedies to those stricken in hells kitchen
Praying for an antidote of hope to those who listen
When doves fly peace will stain the canvas of your life’s back drop
Let me remind you this is more than hip-hop
Verse 3d: Braille
Visit the roots of this, the nucleus of the life we lead
Seed sown grown into a tree of wisdom bearing fruit
None should parish but apparently the lack of transparency
Is killing us carelessly, life abundantly we all
Hook 2x:
Track Name: Gravity ft. Adan Genesis
"Gravity" feat. Adan Genesis
Verse 1a: Adan Genesis
In the middle of a blank page and a magnum-opus
I sit with split focus between the bogus and hopeless
A situation I'd love to change, kids no one wants to claim
Can took all the hunger pains I've seen too much of the same
It's A-D-A-N an accent above the name
The Clubber Lang of gutter slang I came to run this thing
The Rosa Parks of my destiny sitting still indefinitely
And I only yield my seat for the disabled or elderly
Verse 1b: Cas Metah
Lay me in the shade I'm sweltering
I swear I felt the flames hell could claim once the bells had rang
Devastated waiting for a desert rain
Metah's pains weigh heavy when blood stained hands lay steady in chains
Whether you're ready to pay the rates or exchange plans is a decision you can't erase in the end
Your tin man tenacity is lacking the vernacular for correctly repping any gravity
Verse 2a: Cas Metah
I only work within a circle of deep rooted, down to earth humans
Who can speak fluent upon the peace movement to cross streets in unison
With the cause to keep accruing the cost for beefs brewing
Beneath sewers the lost, To under siege scuba diving with like minded lives
Living in ruin using the moss to disguise the what-would-be's you could title
We hold idols over God like it's not vital
Verse 2b: Adan Genesis
This is for our core fans who can't stand for the store brands
Official S.I., The Remnant you're in sure hands
Better warn them poor kids, vocally we be the fork lifts
This stage is our construction site in tonight’s performance
And I'm Reverend John Peaky with a pinch of Young Jeezy
Spit the type of truth that makes the group uneasy
Put that on my dreadlocks and you can take your best shot
'Cause I'm a hold it down like paper weights upon your desktop
Track Name: This Can't Be True ft. T-mo Goodie & Jawz Of Life
"This Can't Be True" feat. T-Mo Goodie & Jawz Of Life
Verse 1: T-Mo Goodie
This can't be true, the true trill translator
Sunnyside, Westside, Highside focus on the billboard
I fly G-4 every seat first class concord overseas
Enemies freeze I got immunity diplomatic songs like Jim Jones
See I can run my city if I want, but I don't want the stress or the headache
Rather be with my fishing rod somewhere on the lake
Big bear no care, Brandy, Caleb and Skyler this can't be true, who-dee-who
D.F. be the crew, Goodie Mob back together going strong every song
Believe it's back on, to the fullest, Zone one, son of a gun
Total rehabilitated herb smoker with the Twin, like Minneapolis St. Paul Minnesota
Hook: T-Mo Goodie & Cas Metah
I thought I told you about this A-T-L dirty dirty
I thought I told you about this A-T-L dirty dirty
The dirty dirty, hold it strong to the dirty dirty
I thought I told you about that O-H-I-O player
I thought I told you about that O-H-I-O player
So throw your O's up, I'm back with the Dungeon Family
And another anthem you can bang to player
Verse 2: Cas Metah
I'm having big dreams of mixing pen ink with this dungeon Jinsing
And dispensing hits crushed to the fence blending mind bending beats
With the sickest emcees that ever spit
This is the men’s league where the finish line's a mansion on your teams home base
Like the homie Rico Wade, that's cream for days
Yeah I'm holding down the Field in O-H
Yet East Point stay my favorite location to get away to
Go ahead and hate I can wait bro
I'm a patient focused player, slow to anger but so dangerous
On a banger with T-Mo from G-Mo-B
Oh you ain't know we cool, you like "this can't be true"
Well too bad 'cause Killa Cas has news for dudes who snooze
On moves pursued quick as Trinidad bruise
This is that ooh-wee you knew we grew in the lab
And matter of fact you can shoot me if I'm lying
Verse 3: Jawz Of Life
We kind of met like this
Logged on, click, new request Cas Metah friendship
Hmmm... I guess I'll go on and accept him
Heard the guy like Life, use the mic as a weapon
Scroll down found T-Mo Goodie, oh he A-Town down
Okay now we good we can exchange info
MP3 the beat from Ohio, D-E-C is me
Good you now know, East Point greatest hits
and Decatur greatest spit, stronger D.F. click
Fits I used to find myself pitching in '06
No more complaining shoulder got tendinitis
Considered one of the best when I tend to write this
John Brown touchdown or Johnny Unitas, throw them
Ghost write for them, alias, Arthur Writis
ASCAP your rap, who is new to this?
**Scratching "Turn your lies to a true confession"
Track Name: Get Right ft. Soul P & MotionPlus
"Get Right" feat. Soul P. & MotionPlus
Verse 1: Soul P.
After a long night of drinking I'm thinking about my soul
I never knew my life would get this far in a hole
Fall apart right in front of my eyes without control
This is the moment that I feared the most and I can't go no further
Living life like this will kill a soldier, in the past
I tried getting it right, it didn't last
All the ladies showing me love, they want to play tag
So my phones on overload and I'm doing them bad
Dime pieces, the homie steady calling for bags
Riding dirty all the time looking out for the task
Had low eyes lower in the club with the fam
Clearing calls from my girl, Grey Goose in my glass
Do a little two step while she shaking it fast
Feeling myself 'cause I popped one of them batman's
Face screwed up and it's whatever with any man
I know I ain't living right so I got to get it right
Hook 2x: Soul P.
The daily struggles in the day of a man will make a man fall down in his hands
And if he don't rise from it he'll probably die from it, and never get it right in the end
Verse 2: Cas Metah
Wake and bake became a daily routine as a teen
Breathing for one thing only other than my hip-hop dreams
The homies know me as king of the green
Rolling and bowling like striking pens, I'm fighting sins
Dying to win with Dr. Jekyll against the Mr. Hyde within
But I commence to hide within 'cause my pride is thick
Third eye is shift and now I'm trying to ride the fence
Man this life's a trip
I don't know what's killing me quicker, the ism or the suspense
And this liquor I'm sipping, it ain't helping either
My spirit is torn between deceiver and redeemer so it's needing cleaning
In Jesus I'm a believer, I know he's real I can feel him
Now if only I can keep him here near me on the regular
I'd be a better son and better off overall, Lord please help me be slow to fall
Hook 2x:
Verse 3: MotionPlus
I seen the glow of the streets while my soul was incomplete
It was calling like mothers voices when it's time to come and eat
I reached deep into my can't do's, haunted by my past views
Click-clacking artillery and bearing my sets tattoos
A true street child, asphalt bloodstream
I blast off to crush dreams and send off to bust things
My nickname was Bill Blast for a reason
Faced a two-to-five, living up to it's completion
Man my breathing hindered quick up in that courtroom
The truth pierced my heart with the prosecutions harpoon
No cartoon could illustrate how I was functioning
A puncture wound and pride inside with the pain rushing in
I'm tussling scared to death to see a re-trial
About to lose my mind like an elder going senile
Lord you're in control and your mercy is mine to grab
Needless to say Jesus Christ is the best offense to have and it's like that
Hook 2x:
Track Name: Goodbye ft. SCO A.T.K.
"Goodbye" feat. OneLife
Verse 1: OneLife
Twelve-thirty at night, I'm pacing down the avenue
Above the speed limit, the destination I travel to
My heart's racing, waiting for her insight
Got the music too loud, yelling at the stop light
I spotted her crib, turned on the left signal
Waiting for this car to pass, it's pretty simple
Debating with myself if I should go in or not
Take a look at my watch and see how much time I got
Opened up the car door and left this planet on the concrete
One step closer like Goapele
She opens up the door expecting my arrival
Greeted me with a kiss, stepped back, looked and smiled
Took me by the hand, ready to get it started
Throat was sort of dry so I asked for a glass of water
She pours a glass, take a glance, this chick is banging
Gave me a wink with her left eye, my flesh-guy's inhaling
Her perfume is so sweet it fills the room
Waiting to exhale so I can unveil the hidden truth
She shows me some photography, poses astonishing
She's ill with the gift by the way her name's Mahogany
I'm sort of stalling, I admitted I had to go
Took one last drink of my water sort of slow
I'm sort of stalling, "look baby I have to go"
expressed this weight off my chest and then I left, goodbye
Hook 2x: Cas Metah
(Goodbye) bye-bye baby bye-bye
Goodbye to them thighs, goodbye to them eyes of deception
Goodbye to the lies utilized as a weapon
To keep me restless and keep me sweating
Verse 2: Cas Metah
Hey yo girl come over here and sit down
'Cause right about now we got some issues we need to sift through
You been around for well, seems like forever
I was thought you was fine and to my surprise I never had to try to get you
Guess I underestimated the clever things that you're capable of saying and doing
Baby you fooling and I ain't feeling it
Doing good about concealing it
Telling those type of lies to blind my eyes of recognizing real
But now I know the deal so no longer will you steal from this
Heart and soul, part and go find another brother to control
Oh and just in case you're wondering who told me of those deceitful ways you cheat and game
Remember that dude who lives upstairs you tried to play back in the day before we met
I never knew him then, not until I moved in here
But last night he caught me in the hall
Schooled me on your rep top to bottom, bottom to top
Had me in awe like "nah, how could someone have done me so wrong so long and I not saw"
I wanted to dismiss it as gibberish until the more I thought
The more it made sense and now I'm convinced
That's why I'm breaking this relationship off, calling it quits
I'm leaving you to be with truth baby, bye-bye-bye
Hook 2x:
Bridge: OneLife & Cas Metah
(Goodbye) bye-bye, bye-bye, goodbye, goodbye
Baby bye-bye, bye-bye
Bye-bye, bye-bye, goodbye-goodbye,
Baby bye-bye, baby bye-bye (Goodbye)
Track Name: Don't Doubt ft. Theory Hazit, k-Drama, Wonder Brown, Kaz, Mouth Warren, Intellect & Griffin
"Don't Doubt" feat. Theory Hazit, k-Drama, Wonder Brown, Kaz, Mouth Warren, Intellect & Griffin
Verse 1a: Theory Hazit
Yo another one from the O, this is my home
Home of Ken Griffey, home of thuggish ruggish Bone
Home of Killarmy, Hi-Tek and Brother Tone
Home of JazzFest and those spots that's blown
Home of Five Deez and the Catalysts of Lone
Home of Haley Berry, Dave Justice and Juice Lee
Zapp and Roger Troutman, George Clinton and Bootsy
Home of Ohio Players, Midnight Star and the Isley's
Home of Kenny P., D-Maub, Mood and Skillit
Ohio is the state but our noise is much iller
Verse 1b: k-Drama
Hey face the facts I'm not a back pack Tunnel Rat
but my sintax over tracks got them running back
I'm not a Scribbling Idiot just an affiliate
Trying to teach idioms to idiots to pull them out of
Idiocy and make all other idiots see that
Sin taxes is not worth the interest
Clench the redemption, check out the percentage
I enjoy whole life even if I don't make it big
Even if they doubt my homeland, but my ground they dig
Y'all love Ohio and don't even know it
Verse 1c: Wonder Brown
Bridging a gap wonderful underground in treach the mid-west
In jest to help ingest your cave then crave and aim at mid-chest
I'm claiming big Ohio status and that's the O-H-I-O
My yo, birds, possum, deer, road kill on every mile
My guile over this beat can't be beat by any style
I'm wild, similar to an urban version Gomer Pile
I'm saving 'cause your music's like giving a buck for your bile
When you're claiming nothing was something
When nothing but nothing's your style
So don't ever in your life tag my mic for country bumpkin
And I'm sure you're loving the life you live so let me tell you something
Hook: 2x
**Scratching: "Don't doubt the O-H-Ten and face the facts yo / Ohio / Don't be confused / Tell them where we be at / Don't doubt the O-H-Ten and face the facts yo"
Verse 2a: Kaz
Yo, they call me Kaz from the Glass City
Who's bold enough to clash with me? I'm collapsing his lung
Capacity's gone, I don't brag or ask anyone, I'm a handle this
A notepad attract kiddies done, hold my cell phone
I'll hoe slap, won't take him for his whole stash, too many ones
I can't flash that, I'm broke, no cash, a broke vocab, I'm so close when stuff looks bad
I rock these Timberlands, a hoodie, sagging, over stuffed book bag
What's up with that?, they wonder why I carry this image
It's 4-1-9 nigga until the day they bury me in it
Verse 2b: Mouth Warren
We're all indigenous to this place like the coqui from Puerto Rico mijo
Visiting your scene to make a little loft for the emo people
In exchange for soul music
With a sound exclusive to the mid-west
You'll drown in the fluid 'cause it's thick, so don't do it
You won't prove or impress the best
And I think I can speak for everybody when I say that we all are
What's been missing in this game for so long
Listen for the sounds we make in Ohio
And it don't stop, won't quit, the molecules we move and that's a plus
I'm Maury Warren already part of the problem that started this buzz
Verse 2c: Intellect
This tactical threat that has been globally positioned to drop bombs and hit targets
The marksmen, up in a land full of marked men
Mole-locks who fiend for underground hip-hop
That steadily drops within the boarders of my section
The talent is rich, crop is thick, manifesting game plans
Masses are gathering, wrecking the area
Streets and boroughs, railways non-commercial
This is a take over global and universal
My verbal rehearsal causing mad crowd dispersal
This is verbal milk from Ohio
Hook 2x:
Verse 3a: Griffin
First off who worse off in a cypher? your squad
Beats lead to fits of rage I vent with unrehearsed bars
True to nothing but the game, music's my only birthmark
Don't need to kiss the sky these grave diggers and earth stars
And beautify them all to be a light in the dark
See Tunnel Rat or not I'm a unravel the plot
Handle the mic when I drop how a thug handle a glock
Get your back but Ohio State colors all that I rock
I eat rhymes, sleep rhymes, breathe rhymes, cross the line
But never test the faith I put in this little cross of mine
Verse 3b: Cas Metah
Yo I hope by now you know who hold the crown
Old to new school, golden fool-proof sounds abound from where we lounge
The cluttered gutter underground
Where ground round gets hunted by blood hounds
Where some say gun play will get you gunned down on any given Sunday
Town to town plus we renowned for our runways
But if you want waves just watch us hit the stage and rock it
But don't doubt the current in these waters
'Cause we're quick to get crowds nauseous from nodding they noggins
In this hip-hop mosh pit causing emcee sickness
So bear witness to eight of the states very hottest
Who all carry crosses regardless if our market garners large profits
That doesn't stop us or our progress, you can't bury the bonds we got
My home run things with no club swings
So come see the O's unseen bust seems in the pocket of a five bar loop length
I'm the hip-hop games LeBron James
All y'all hating on this player better save your hoop dreams and...
Hook 2x:
Track Name: Up And Coming ft. Sivion & Praverb
"Up And Coming" feat. Sivion & Praverb
Verse 1: Sivion
Watch as the sun and the moon poke fun at the dunes
And the noon time soon climb through
Over take the loose and shake your boots and shrug off the enemy
Fighting off the night because this light is such a friend to me
Spirit be super charged bright when it's hitting me
Lyrically Sivion ignites, are you kidding me?
Here me calling out for the rights that were given me
Throw your hands, three fingers, fight for the trinity
Ya'll can take naps while Christ take victory laps
'Cause ya'll write mystery raps with history gaps
Misery attracts company
'Cause a pessimistic outlook is something we
Don't condone hold the phone higher level Chromosone
Take me home higher than the atmospheric o-zone
In fact we flow with powers greater than your circumstance
Embrace the arms of God understand
Hook 2x:
Living, breathing, growing, loving
Life with every breath in his love is up and coming
No time to doubt, no time to fall
Spread this love out to each and all
So heed the call
Verse 2: Praverb
It's P-Viz, I let the Holy Ghost start filling me with energy
Bleach my thoughts, blank my memories
Place me within this ministry with like-minded peeps
My beliefs got me down on bended knee instantly
Not born in a lab, reproduced chemically
He suffocates the flesh so we can grow spiritually
Not after girls, Lincoln's or even Kennedy's
I'm about to teach, ignite both parts like it was symmetry
Church and hip-hop can co-exist identically
We need to uplift souls and finally start killing these
Weak spirits that draw us in
Crawling or slithering like snakes, no debate on who is great
Start listening to the Word, shepherd the lost herd
We near the last days so what God do you serve?
The world or the Lord? think about it
If you a soldier for Christ then I want you to shout it
Hook 2x:
Verse 3: Cas Metah
These song birds perch on top of chops to chirp
That is we drop verses up high above the surface
Not urged with causing applause
But rather to show how sovereign God is, so the Godless gather, ponder and respond
And stop falling beyond the calling upon
The very life and breath buried within the heighth and depth of soul walls
Like it's just alright to rest, knife that mess with a hacksaw y'all got Christ to rep
So tighten the net and climb the steps, tippy-toe across the cat walk
Don't settle for back wash, that's not pure
The only for sure cure is served in a great big bottle of living water
Sunday through Monday be the clay, follow the potter on this one way road
Honor the father make an oath to let him come take hold
Of your cold dark heart that's been whole-baked in stone and break the mold
Hook 2x:
Track Name: Cream Of The Crop ft. Witchdoctor
"Cream Of The Crop" feat. Witchdoctor
Verse 1: Witchdoctor
Welcome to Thrasherville, where caps get peeled
Don't run up on me, got one on me
Might not see me shining, not into diamonds
Trying to keep from falling back to a life of crime and
I believe in the American payout
I bought every car I ever owned straight out
Guns come out, who ran? you ran
I done bought enough gold from Eddie
Ain't got to go to Sudan
I got a dog named Dino, beware
Just like El Tran I keep something in the air
I'm from the D-U-N-G-U-N
Got a hundred hollow points leave you with no wind
I hold the deck, pull the card
Be standing in your front yard or live in your iPod
Die hard, wicked when I'm aiming
I'm so playa I get a ticket for gaming
Thrasherville is where I bury them
I'll leave you wetter than the Georgia aquarium
You ain't a man until somebody call you mister
I'm not a model I don't take a lot of pictures
Hook: Witchdoctor
'Cause we the cream of the crop (cream of the crop)
Cream, cream of the block , cream of the crop 3x
Cream, it's a sting on your block
Verse 2: Cas Metah
Welcome to Greenfield O-H ten
Where you got to watch broke, fake friends throw they fits to locate ends
For crack cocaine binges
Been this raw since off the hinges was considered hip to say
Penning traits in many different ways and slang’s I bring to the spot
Witchdoctor and we properly dropping that cream of the crop
Chicks jock us, we're not a secret to the seekers
Eager to fill their ears with real hip-hop
Knock knock, witness the verbal massacre mashing on your block
Crops of the harvest shot for the target get lost in the darkness
And although I'm honest, even if y'all throw the hardest blows
You won't scar this scarlet rose, carve it in stone
I'm armed with a flow called "I'm in the zone"
So you better prep for the bad weather if stepping in Cas Metah's hometown
I'm holding down the crown player, molding frowns on clowns faces
Track Name: Cross Country ft. JustMe, Change, Mr. SOS, Mellow Drum Addict, Zero Basement, Lyriz, Capture, RhymeWise, Freddie Bruno & 2 Tone
“Cross Country" feat. JustMe, Change, Mr. SOS, Mellow Drum Addict, Zero Basement, Lyriz, Capture, RhymeWize, Freddie Bruno & 2-Tone
Verse 1: Cas Metah
You know Metah ready to roll so move to the side or get bruised when crews collide
My peeps been creeping keeping creative contagious genius gleaming
Seeping out speaker boxes onto street blocks and got you nodding
Non-stop to this hip-hop you're getting hit with upside your noggin
'Cause I got a pocket loaded with stones for any giant trying to stop it
Verse 2: JustMe
What' popping? I don't know that's why I ask so often
Crash with a stash of classic beats stomping
Ever since a brother heard Straight Outta Compton
I laid out a comment to keep the room romping
Baby move something, but don't remove nothing
Don't act like you wack and you got to prove loving
Be smooth with the roughness
That's church it behooves you to does this
Verse 3: Change
See it's this figurative speech and rhyme patterns compete
To complete thoughts implicit on the words that I speak
It's ingenious the levels that I visit and reach
From the breech of the cross to inflict at the piece
Like I'm ahead of my time and I'm ahead of they rhymes
Connect the soul to spirit like they head and they spine
This rap music redefined from my Detroit shine
This cross country representing putting Change in they minds
Verse 4: Mr. SOS
Next page, coming from the most southern U.S. state
It's Mr. SOS repping since fifth grade
And to this day not too many want to come against me
'Cause I get down deeper than X-rays
Fake rappers holler "get paid"
When the end of they songs the only time they ever seen a fresh fade
I'm where the best stay
So when you see Dr. Strangelove with a French maid then it's check mate
Verse 5: Mellow Drum Addict
I'm a stones throw from the boon-docks
Skip jump to the outskirts
Funny how underground's only bumped out in the 'burbs
Still I write within these city limits but I ain't limited in just my city
Deliver wherever people are digging to listen
Got a grip of cd's, thrown in envelopes
So I hopes they'll go across the globe to folks
Still I hold it down around my way
P-E-double N-S-Y-L-V-A-N-I-A
Verse 6: Zero Basement
Now I was on the battle tip much longer than the average kid
So you don't want to get involved like a pacifist
Or my raps will rip through your ego like a javelin through your abdomen
I have no equals do the math it's Zero and I'm back again
Representing the Chapter 1-3
What's sad is rappers never listen until after they're hung clean
Like a batch of laundry to dry
'Cause cats is hungry so they act funny no matter how awful they rhyme
Verse 7: Lyriz
Vocabulary explode, behold the son of man watch me unfold
Something like a Summer Jam, I'm ghetto gold
Bounce back like rubber bands watch me reload
I'll either expose or ether my foes
From head to my toes the beat will be closed
None of these sucker emcees be left standing
Lyriz leave emcees behind like Kirk Cameron
Verse 8: Capture
I enter in grand standing
Cast the shadow of a giant with no band just ink stained hands
And a mic with a slight lean to the left right
Mean when I connect these words that reflect life
Serve and protect mics
Direct aim at the crown, spit flame and make sure that they light
Up for those who know not who we are
Capture and Cas Metah, cross country track stars
Verse 9: RhymeWize
Indiana born and raised, yep there's more than corn and brown here
Clowns fearing down stare whenever my sounds near
I'm found where my tribe co-insides with the drum track
We run laps around you silly suckers rocking dunce caps
Crumbs lack we bump raps to keep the crowd attentive
Now saints are live, they loud and hype my rhymes provide incentive
RhymeWize getting illy with one Scribbling Idiot
We killing it, don't even try, you can't deny, you're feeling it
Verse 10: Freddie Bruno
Oh they feeling it yes, north, south, east and west
The best of the best come alive and refresh
This one man's trash is another one's blessing, I'm questing
for another tribe worth contesting, ain't one
Deepspace is under the sun
Cross country sending words, heart pumping the drum
Darts sharp on the tongue, bulls eye when they run
North Texas in the cypher bubba come and get some
Verse 11: 2-Tone
And get sonned, by this legend from the Field where the real last
That's why I feel Cas, out traveling the map and back
To the mighty O like Outkast
All across the globe all of y'all should know what 2-Tone sees first hand at home so
Open your retina's and recognize these veterans at wrecking mics, now let it ride
**Scratching "Running track across country"
Track Name: Bonus Track ft. 3rd Degree
"Bonus Track" feat. 3rd Degree
Verse: 3rd Degree
This is to my cats on the outside, to the death of my cousin Ty
To the cats just getting by
Word to Greenfield 'cause I'm missing every bit of living
Locked away and I'm seeing every bit of prison
Hey yo Cas man I thank you for what you're doing
You're keeping it truer than most cats on my blueprint
To God you make me smile 'cause I know you're in my presence
I'm sick of this lifestyle, I'm starting to get the message
And to my grandma for staying strong
You're like my mother, my crutch when I need someone to lean on
Spitz and Shaw, the whole Field Specialists
I thank you for the good times, I'm here to the death of it all
I'm staying strong as I'm locked behind walls
And even though the devil tempts me, never could I fall to his level
This message to all cats listening, I'll be back again, Greenfield I miss you
And it's going to be alright 'cause I'm on God's side
These 3 years is only going to make me stronger
And it's alright, word to my mother, my sister
Greenfield I'm going to miss you