1. THE #DailyDelivery EP
    Cas Metah x Mouf Warren x Lyriz x R.U.S.H.

  2. Where's The Hope? ft. Craig G & D.V. Alias Khryst (SINGLE)

  3. Second Wind (LP)

  4. Something Change ft. Casual, Wordsworth & Theory Hazit (SINGLE)

  5. Bleeding Heartland (J57 Remix) (SINGLE)
    Scribbling Idiots

  6. Good Morning Mourning (LP)
    Scribbling Idiots

  7. Old Fashioned (LP)

  8. Aussie Ausbourne (EP)

  9. The Most Humble (EP)
    Cas Metah & BlackBolt

  10. 3rd Eye Contact (EP)
    Cas Metah x Mellow Drum Addict x Defizit x EF Cuttin

  11. Everything Was Perfect ft. Ilyas Nashid (Prod. Defizit) (SINGLE)
    Scribbling Idiots

  12. Move Out (Prod. Theory Hazit) (SINGLE)
    Scribbling Idiots

  13. S & I (Prod. Rafael Henley) (SINGLE)
    Scribbling Idiots

  14. A Stone's Throw Feat. Shabazz The Disciple & Hell Razah (Prod. Theory Hazit) (SINGLE)

  15. Invitation Only (LP)
    Scribbling Idiots

  16. Analog Amazon x Defizit (EP)
    Cas Metah & Mouf Warren

  17. Double Edged Sword (LP)
    Shaw Bihl & Cas Metah

  18. Mic Cord Nation (EP)
    Chemistry Test

  19. The Darke Bros. (LP)
    Cas Metah & Wonder Brown

  20. Nine From '09 (EP)

  21. SInnerpeace (EP)

  22. Shadow City (EP)
    Jaq + Cas Metah + Ruffian

  23. Foul Ball (Greatest Hits That Didn't Count) (LP)
    Left Field Radio

  24. The Book Of Five Rings Part 2 (EP)
    Analog Amazon

  25. Urge For Conscious Words (LP)

  26. The Book Of Five Rings (EP)
    Analog Amazon

  27. Melody (LP)
    Field Specialists

  28. Idiomatic 2 (LP)
    Scribbling Idiots

  29. Theory Hazit Beatdown (LP)
    JustMe & Cas Metah

  30. Guest Room (LP)

  31. SomeBuddies (EP)
    Cas Metah & MotionPlus

  32. Heart Of The Land (LP)
    Field Specialists

  33. Pound The Pavement (LP)

  34. Hustle Case (LP)
    Field Specialists

  35. Are Unemployed (LP)
    JustMe & Cas Metah

  36. The Have Nots (LP)
    Scribbling Idiots

  37. Providence Road (LP)

  38. Dimension Tide (EP)

  39. Idiomatic Mixtape Vol. 1 (LP)
    Scribbling Idiots

  40. Scribbling Idiots Present: (LP)
    JustMe & Cas Metah


Cas Metah Columbus, Ohio

- Emcee and Co-Founder of Scribbling Idiots


- Columbus, Ohio

- For booking & features email: casmetah@gmail.com

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