Bleeding Heartland (J57 Remix) (SINGLE)

by Scribbling Idiots

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released May 9, 2016

lyrics: Ruffian, Elias, and Cas Metah
remix produced by: J57
additional vocals: Kourtney Scharenberg
mixed and mastered by Sean Patrick
artwork by: Ghost Octopus


all rights reserved



Cas Metah Columbus, Ohio

Pow Bundy - BBM (Baka Boyz Media) - Empire Distribution - SoulSpazm - Scribbling Idiots - Illect Recordings - Field Specialists

- Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Bleeding Heartland (J57 Remix)
Verse 1: Ruffian
Dive off the face of earth and plunge into The Son
Sleep on the moon and have a dream of where I'm from
Babies losing babies, leaders turning shady
Life's a maybe, night cravings slowly changing men to animals
Lack of love got them transforming into cannibals
That's why they facial features crazy
I done seen the dead walk, ain't too much amaze me
God be the antidote but they would rather be sick
Be rich, die trying to be what he is
Dope flowing slowly through they veins into the fetus
Mama's at thirteen ain't even had a chance to be kids
Restless can't sleep 'cause they was laying where the beast lives
Daddy drunk and high so we get beat for no reason
Faithless, scared to let their knees bend
What in hell do you believe in?
What's in Hell to believe in?

Hook (x2): Elias
What do you believe in?
I can feel you reaching
I can feel disease it's
Moving like an ether
Open veins now I'm bleeding

Verse 2: Cas Metah
This is reality where I live, no word of it fiction
No chicken in the fridge but they got birds in the kitchen
Addicts itching for the fix 'cause the verdicts been rendered
Serving a life sentence ever since the turn of this century
Hustlers turned to junkies
The ones that used to get bundles are struggling to re-up
'cause they get high on they rent money
I used to ride with a dime, yeah, a fine thick honey
Now she always sick, can't keep nothing in her thin stomach
I can pray but I can't save them
It's a painful situation daily see your peoples digging they own graves
With one of the greatest killers since Hitler, and it ain't racist
But the streets named it "boy" 'cause it's a form of modern enslavement
Heroin, very few will escape it
Many will snort, many will bang it
Therefore there's many more that will lay dead
Chest caved in and veins drained red
Comatose from an overdose
On and on it goes, on and on it goes, on and on it goes

Hook (x2): Elias
What do you believe in?
I can feel you reaching
I can feel disease it's
Moving like an ether
Open veins now I'm bleeding

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